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Mombasa & other Coastal Islands, Towns and Sea Adventure
Below are some excursion which our own tour guide can be hired to undertake with you. Rates are much cheaper as compared to booking with your travel agent - Contact Us

Wasini Island & Kisite Sea Adventure

The day starts early as you head south towards Tanzania. On the drive south you pass through the lush coconut and cashew plantations. Here we have plantations that have thrived since the early days of settlement along the coast. As you drive by look at the coconut trees and you will see foot holds carved into the trunks. There are some trees as high as 60 feet or more. Imagine how many years these trees Deep sea diving in Wasini Island south of Mombasahave been climbed for their bounty. Soon you will pass through the colorful villages of the Digo Peoples. When you reach you destination of Shimoni “the place of the cave” you will board a motorized dhow to Kisite. Now the best part of the journey begins as you sail through an enchanting seascape of islands set in a pristine sea of unbelievable blue. During this journey it is possible to spot dolphins. Then you arrive at Kisite Marine Park, an underwater park. It is here that underwater splendors await you. In the shallow warm water that surround Kisite Island the water abounds with marine life. Here you can snorkel and marvel at the incredible variety of marine life. Scuba Divers can explore a number of excellent dive sites in the coral reefs. There is an astounding amount of and variety of marine life at all levels of the reefs. To top off the trip, sumptuous Swahili style seafood lunch is served at Wasini island restaurant. After lunch when you have had your fill we visit a traditional Muslim village before retuning back to Mombasa in the late afternoon. Do not forget your snorkel and bathing suit, and underwater camera if you have one. 

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Funzi Island
The pick-up time from your hotel is about 7:00am when you will be driven to the south part of Kenyan coast. Funzi Island is a tropical lost paradise in the middle of nowhere, where the warm clear waters of the Indian Ocean lap peacefully on sweeping sandbars. Our itinerary includes the crocodile canoe where you will explore the meandering estuary of the Ramisi River, a secret world of shadows and shafts of sunlight that is home to crocodiles and rare beautiful birds, e.g. kingfishers, pelicans, ibis etc. Then return across the Funzi Bay where dolphins are frequently sighted. Anchor off the sandbar for a stroll and a swim or explore the Funzi Village. Languid lazy luxury throughout the day with a delicious seafood lunch. After lunch you will sail in an Arab dhow to the shore of Bodo mainland and taken back to your hotel ariving late in the day. Do not forget your snorkel and bathing suit. Back to Top 
Malindi and Watamu Beach in Kenya
The small town of Malindi is at the centre of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering the visitor a range of world class resorts and quiet relaxing hideaways. Further south, the sleepy village of Watamu is fronted by wide white beaches. This tranquil haven is home to several well established resorts, and many private guesthouses scattered through the forest along the deserted shore. At Watamu a Marine National Park has been established, an ideal day trip both for divers and snorkellers alike.
Northwest of Malindi is the spectacular Marafa Depression, locally known as Nyari and popularly known as Hell's Kitchen. An extensive series of sandstone gorges and sheer gullies, this unique and other worldly landscape has become part of local folklore. The thick jungles of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest reserve hide a world of wonders. In the cool of the forest winding paths will take you in search of rare endemic birds and mammals, and visiting herds of Elephant. The forest holds another secret, the lost town of Gedi, a deserted trading Swahili town hidden deep in the forests, whose winding passages and crumbling walls tell of a long and mysterious past. Walk through the Forest, explore the mangroves by boat, dive on the reef or try your hand at big game fishing. At the North coast you have all these choices and more, with the space and freedom to relax, unwind, and soak up the atmosphere. Back to Top 
Lamu Island

It is remote and self contained; Lamu is a place, which offers an unmatched cultural feast and a traditional architectural style. It has successfully retained its traditions and heritage over the centuries. Once a thriving port town, today Lamu is reputed among the tourists as a relaxed destination with a glorious past. 

Places of interest in Lamu

Lamu Museum
The museum is located at a walking distance from the hotel on the Kenyatta Road. On the entrance of the museum are some photographs of Lamu.  
There is an amazing collection of weapons and costumes dating back to 18th century.

Swahili House Museum
The Swahili House Museum is a traditional Swahili House restored with all the traditional Swahili furniture. Parts of the museum have the various colors of Swahili culture

Lamu Fort
You pass through the colorful streets of Lamu and watch the people engaged in daily activities. In the past the fort served as both a fort and prison. There is an exhibition on the environment, a shop and a library, and a cafι overlooking the busy square at the entrance.

Donkey Sanctuary
Located on the northern part of Lamu, close to waterfront, this is one of the most striking places in Lamu. You have a chance to see how well animals are treated.

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